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8:00 PM - 11:59 PM Club Congress
Date: May 24, 2018 to May 24, 2018
Where: Club Congress, 311 East Congress Street, Tucson, Arizona, United States, 85701
Phone: N/A
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cidental, the band has developed a confidence in the studio and a strong, full sound. Gone are the days of chancing upon Garageband alchemy; Offering is the work of two artists who know what they want and how to make it happen. Offering also marks the beginning of a more collaborative phase for Cults. The pair have always traded ideas, but for the first time they sat down to jam out ideas together in a room. Follin, who has always written her own parts, came into her own as instrumentalist during the Offering sessions, playing drums and keyboards throughout. Her equal partnership with Oblivion flies in the face of a far-too-common industry assumption that women are passive participants in their own art.After three years of work in New York, LA, San Francisco, in studios and sweaty living rooms, the band finished the bulk of recording. But it was a classic last day in the studio demob-happy session that gave the album its opener and title track, a hope-in-darkness song that Oblivion calls one of the most outward-looking things weve done, its a lifeline. Follin adds: we both decided independently of each other that it had to be the title. These songs have both instability and solutions for how to deal with instability, Oblivion says. I think my favorite lyric is from Took Your Picture: Tinge of blue/To the end/left our hearts/With regrets/Im learning. Thats as close as you get to a thesis statement for the album. Were in a happier place, Follin adds.I mean, the last track on our last album was called No Hope, Oblivion says, and they both laugh. The first track on this record is called Offering. That pretty much says it.
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