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The Lemon Twigs
8:00 PM - 11:59 PM 191 Toole
Date: October 20, 2018 to October 20, 2018
Where: 191 Toole, 191 East Toole Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, United States, 85701
Phone: N/A
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with JUNGLE GREEN, Asian Fred
GO TO SCHOOLDo Hollywood, The Lemon Twigs 2016 debut LP, was an invigorating, much-needed blast of fresh air that whipped across the arid landscape of contemporary rock. If that stunningly accomplished recording, which flew in the face of current musical trends, wasnt surprising enough on the face of it, the fact that Do Hollywood was the handiwork of two teenagersbrothers Brian and Michael DAddariorendered the achievement utterly mind-boggling. Now, with the follow-up full-length, Go to School (4AD, Aug. 24), the siblings, now 21 and 19, respectively, have set the bar dizzyingly high even by their own lofty standards, and proceed to soar over it into the stratosphere. Listening to this wildly ambitious album is like entering and inhabiting a parallel universe.Go to Schools subtitle is A Musical, and that turns out to be an accurate description of the 15-song extravaganza, which tells the tale of the pure-of-heart chimpanzee Shane, whos adopted by a childless coupleplayed by the brothers musical hero Todd Rundgren and their mom, Susan Halland raised as a human boy. Michael describes Go to School as a fairy tale with a dark edge, as Shane is ostracized, bullied and rejected by the girl he falls for, erupts in an extreme act of retribution for being robbed of his innocence. The libretto is played out in a series of intricate, wildly eclectic musical settings ranging from spot-on throwback rockers to traditional Broadway-style production numbers.We had enough songs to work on a straight-pop, more obviously autobiographical albumwhich didnt feel like much of a riskor this one, Brian says of the decision-making that set them off in this envelope-ripping direction. These [Go to School] songs come from the same place our autobiographical songs come from, so we decided to trust our instincts and to really commit to making it a musical.Michael continues the thought. We werent gonna do it half-assedwe were gonna do it full-on and not shy away
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